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2008-11-01 09:15 am
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Off to a great start

So I now have 2611 words and a broken keyboard. I'm not cheating - I'm Aussie, 9:15am Nov 1 here.

Was gonna go to bed but my Mum wanted me to go shopping with her.

Said no, until she offered to buy me a new keyboard.

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2007-06-29 11:40 pm
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Bards icon

Okay, so as I had to work dayshift today because water is plentiful, I got a bit bored tonight and made an icon. I think I've made maybe six icons ever, so I know it's not great. Feel free to point and laugh.

Photo from Ireland. On the shore of that place, you know, with that pub? It had stained glass Guinness windows. Yes, I remember the windows and not the town. Go me. :)

Font is IrishJig - I don't know where I got it from.

No brushes - I just buggerised around with the opacity of coloured layers.
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2007-06-27 11:09 pm
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No More Drought

Okay, so we all remember how over the summer there was much fire and we were all shitting ourselves?

Well now there is much rain. Which is great because all of the catchments and dams are filling up.

Problem: They've pretty much filled themselves up over the past 12 hours of rain. (Yes, 12 hours. No, not a typo). This means that once they are full (in a few hours time, by the looks of things) the water is going to go everywhere else.

I had to leave work early in order to be able to make it home before the roads were closed due to flooding. Friends have already been asked to leave thier homes while the rivers and creeks are peaking.

I'm all for the drought breaking, just not all at once. I know I'm from the land of Fire and Flood, but can we not do it within six months of each other?